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Company's Philosophy on Code of Corporate Governance
Bafna Pharma’s philosophy on corporate governance envisages working towards high levels of transparency, accountability, consistent value systems, and delegation across all facets of its operations leading professionally focused methods and management processes by upholding “Quality” as our end objective. Our brand image and unflinching commitment to “Quality” are intrinsically linked; to reach this desired destination we employ honest and ethical business practices such as operational transparency across all levels, individual accountability, planned delegation across various staff levels and the opportunity for open communication between the staff, management and stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and statutory authorities. Bafna Pharma is committed to learn and adopt the best practices of corporate governance.
Board of Directors
The Board comprises 7 Directors, out of which 3 are Executive Directors, 4 are Non-Executive and Independent Directors.
The names and category of Directors are given below:
Name of Director Position
Mr. Bafna Mahaveer Chand Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. Paras Bafna Whole Time Director
Mr. V. Rajamani Independent & Non Executive Director
Mr. R. Dwarakanathan Independent & Non Executive Director
Mr. B. Kamleshkumar Independent & Non Executive Director
Mr. U. Sunil Bafna Independent & Non Executive Director
Ms. K. Sabitha Executive Woman Director
Independent Directors
   Shri V. Rajamani
   Shri R. Dwarakanathan
   Shri B. Kamlesh Kumar
   Shri Sunil Bafna
Audit Committee
The terms of reference of the Audit Committee cover the matters specified under clause 49 of the Listing Agreement, as amended. The constitution of Audit Committee also meets with the requirements under Section 292 A of the Companies Act, 1956.
The composition of the Audit Committee as on 31st March 2015 is as follows:
   Mr. V. Rajamani - Chairman
   Mr. R. Dwarakanathan - Member
   Mr. Bafna Mahaveer Chand – Member
   Mr. B. Kamlesh Kumar - Member
The responsibilities of the Audit Committee include, inter alia, overseeing the financial reporting process, disclosure of financial statements, recommending appointment / removal of external auditors and fixing their remuneration, reviewing the quarterly and annual financial statements before submission to the Board, reviewing the adequacy of the internal audit function including the structure and staffing of the internal audit department, ensuring adequacy of the internal control system, reviewing findings of internal investigations, discussing the scope of audit with external auditors, reviewing the Company’s financial and risk management policies and looking into reasons for substantial defaults, if any, of non-payment to stakeholders.
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Udyog Rattan Award
Our Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Bafna Mahaveer Chand, has received "Udyog Rattan Award".
IDMA Award
Received IDMA Quality Excellence Silver Award 2010 – in the category of Formulation Units.
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