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By choosing to work with Bafna you open new avenues of learning, growth and opportunities. The work ethos at Bafna is infused with a genuine concern for staff welfare, innovative efforts towards meeting challenges and a dedication to live up to the client’s expectations by always delivering on quality and maintaining professionalism. The company believes in maintaining a healthy staff morale, to this end Bafna offers a world class work environment, skill development to improve the performance of the resources, the opportunity of global assignments, professional approach and competitive packages along with appropriate rewards and recognitions.
Growth Avenues
If you have the necessary skill and talent, your efforts will not go unrecognized at Bafna. Here skill and talent is encouraged and nurtured, giving you the necessary platform to grow and develop. Potential and performance are the pillars of career progression at BAFNA. A robust development process supports this.
Equal Opportunities Employer
Bafna believes in giving equal opportunities for work, growth, training and professional enhancement to resources from all backgrounds. Discrimination or preferential treatment on the basis of sex, caste, religion, language, economic background etc is strongly discouraged at Bafna.
Employee Development
The strength, position and success of a company can be measured in terms of the quality of work force resources and employee environment prevailing in the organization. A company’s success lies in the motivation, dedication and performance of the personnel. At BAFNA we realize that the company’s growth is intrinsically linked to the continuous development of our human resources. Hence, a great deal of interest is taken by the Bafna management to harness the innate potential that each individual brings to the organization.
Identifying Potential
Bafna engages a professional process of Human Resource Management, through which potentialities, strengths, performances and even weaknesses are identified, nurtured, rewarded and if required guided and corrected. Our HR management system seeks to strengthen skills, engage motivation by offering new work avenues and performance incentives. Also, it works towards identifying resources having difficulties in discharging their duties to their optimum efficiency and helps them to perform to their maximum capabilities through timely guidance, support and training.
Leadership Development
Leadership is an innate quality present in each individual, which can emerge when the situation demands. At Bafna the leadership skills are encouraged, enhanced and engaged in individuals quite early in their career. Building leadership skills enables the resources to be proactive and face challenges and also to be able to take criticism and learn from these experiences. Thus managerial capabilities are enhanced and put to use, individuals are given opportunities for demonstrating their leadership abilities and qualities, because motivated leaders drive business development.
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Udyog Rattan Award
Our Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Bafna Mahaveer Chand, has received "Udyog Rattan Award".
IDMA Award
Received IDMA Quality Excellence Silver Award 2010 – in the category of Formulation Units.
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