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Bafna Pharmaceuticals is in a constant endeavor to enhance its global and presence. To achieve this goal of emerging as a globally recognized pharmaceutical brand Bafna has invested greatly in infrastructure development and set-up specific manufacturing units to cater exclusively to the Regulated Markets and RoW Markets. Both the manufacturing units are equipped with modern machinery, skilled manpower and advanced technological processes to ensure quality, reliability and economic viability of our finished pharmaceutical formulations. We are manufacturing over 336 licensed pharmaceutical formulations and have globally registered 78 of our products. In the near future we hope to increase the number of our global registrations and also aggressively focus on bagging significant projects for contract manufacturing from leading international pharmaceutical companies.

To surf the tide of global outsourcing, Bafna has established a dedicated R&D facility to undertake contract research and development on a large scale. Armed with the latest technology, advanced machinery, innovative scientists and competent development process this facility is poised to spur a revolution in pharmaceutical research and development on a global scale.