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It all started with a vision. As a result today, BAFNA PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED has already made its presence felt in the arena of manufacturing Services in pharmaceutical Formulation domain.

BAFNA has special focus on its exports to the regulated markets & RoW markets. We are going from strength to strength in this segment.

The Formulation manufacturing plant at Grantlyon, Chennai has state of the art facilities and is specially designed to meet the statutory requirements that the world demands from us.

This plant is EU - GMP, UK - MHRA, TGA Australia approved and is a 100% EOU.

We also have a huge manufacturing capacity in our Madhavaram Unit which is WHO GMP compliance. To strengthen our efforts in reaching towards our mission, BAFNA’s state-of-the-art R&D center has been set up at Grantlyon, Chennai with a strong focus on formulation process development support services. With this we are closer to becoming a fully integrated Pharma company and will offer one stop solution to our customers. To reach where we want to, a lot more work and determination is required. But the initial success has given us the confidence, respect and credibility.

There are changes and challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead for BAFNA. To seize these opportunities, we call for a concerted and systematic effort powered by expert and professional planning and implementation. We continue to pursue, acquire and develop winning strength and capabilities in our drive towards achieving the status of one-stop solution provider for all the Contract Research & Manufacturing Services in Regulated Markets.

The past years have seen BAFNA PHARMACEUTICALS LTD., acquire vital momentum in each of the thrust areas with important gains in marketing, globalization and research & development especially in our focus markets. With this my entire team and I are committed to explore the potential opportunities, face the challenges and make this company grow from strength to strength.